THE SHACK {House Tour}

*This page will be updated when I get the time/the cat allows/I can be bothered*
{Brace yourself} 

To see this house, in the flesh, once I had signed on the dotted line, broke my heart! 

It was literally thrashing about in my chest saying "What the hell have you done....debt...fixer upper...piddly do the math..

...then weeeeep"! 

My heart is totally up with it now; it's stopped rolling it's little hearty eyes at my Pinterest Pins of unobtainable beauty I hold in my dreams for this little shack.  What is Pinterest without a little dreaming!

Its redeeming features included great wiring, stumps, roof, polished hardwood floors, freshly painted exterior and a great price! 

  • The more to say...oh yes smelt like mouse and 1972 called and they want their lino and cork bench top back!
  • Dining nook = totally useless tiny space
  • Bathroom, asbestos, mould and generally gross.  It did come with a downstairs toilet and a vase of artificial (plastic!) flowers though, noice
  • Total jungle of a garden overgrown with a pest plant and heaps of weird half finished/falling down fences.
The Bathroom

The Spare Room/Office

The spare room still needs built in closets, painting {how could I forget that} and decent window furnishings.
    The Kitchen

    Yep, still needs painting, floor sanded, microwave space, shelves and window treatments...


  1. Okay, I must be naive! Why are "stumps" a redeeming quality? Or maybe I'm supposed to ask what stumps are in Australia!

    1. Stumps are what the house sits on to elevate it off the ground, I'ts an Aussie thing, allows for air flow and rubbish to collect under your shack...most houses are built of the ground here...does that make sense?

    2. Perfect! On the shoreline in Connecticut houses are built on "stilts" (for lack of a better word) if they are right near the water beit it river or ocean. Prevents flood damage/destruction during major storms. Me? Not wealthy enough to own one of "those" houses! :)

  2. Hello from Portland, Oregon, USA! I found my way to your shack via your posting on your pink door-turned-table, which is gorgeous. Thanks for the house tour -- I'll be back again to mark your progress. Well done with your styling on the cheap; very clean and uncluttered. The boys should be breaking down your door any time!

    1. Hello Portland! Well all is quite on the boy front and I still haven't painted the kitchen...slack on all fronts! BTW I have a http sense, for a terrible looking blog and subpar content please come over for a coffee at


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