20 State, whats it all about?

Do you remember when you bought your first home?
The day the keys were handed to you along with the ominous responsibility of a mortgage, insurance and hundreds upon hundreds of ideas that you couldn't wait to fulfil?
I knew my first home had it's flaws...but I didn't care.

An asbestos bathroom and vinyl/pine kitchen wasn't going to stand in my way.
It was a chance to be an adult, leave the world of rentals behind and make my shack into a home.
It's been a rough ride at times.  I'm a single women...OK gal sounds so much more fun...on a single income with big ideas and a small budget.
Sound familiar?
My job calls for me to be a problem solver, listener, fixer and educator.
I love it...but it doesn't hit the creativity button.
I needed a way to share my renovations, DIY's, favourite things and hopes and dreams for my little shack.
Along the way I've discovered an outlet for my odd sense of humour and love of 'the
I'm not sure where this blog is headed...
But I would like to think that DIY/home Reno humour has it's place!

Oh and Skitty la lad the cat, Flo Flo the dog and Unknown dog {source of great humour} will make the odd appearance along the way...


  1. Sarah, welcome to blogging. I love your style.

  2. Am really enjoying this blog...thanks

    1. Thank you, so glad your enjoying it, you've made my day!

  3. Hi, Sarah, from Connecticut USA! Enjoying your blog and appreciate your humor!

    1. Hi Guerrina, Sorry for the late reply, whats two months...thanks for stopping by!!


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