Saturday, 19 January 2013

Wordpress Fail {You don't win yet}

Hi all,

Well this is awkward but not unexpected

Moving to Wordpress, all by myself, has just been sooooo much fun..

Kinda like deciding to stop shaving and using an epilady.

Yep, all snorts and giggles until someone gets hurt...or totally stuffs up the blogger to WP move.

Technically, you should find me on
Hooray!  Just clicked on the link and it actually works!

Please excuse the layout and lack of new posts, I have managed to delete 3.

Goodness knows what I have done wrong but hopefully, with about 50 thousand tweaks, I should be up and running.

Please hang in there as I update {again...} my links and RSS feed.

xx Sarah


  1. Just checking in to see how you were doing with the move! Hope all is well!


    1. Well I have a few more greys, but its done! Not looking that flash but learning as I go! Thanks for stopping by and checking in Karianne. Any advice on the new site is most welcome. Have a wonderful day.


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