Saturday, 1 December 2012

Summer Days {Rant Alert}

Today has been one of those days.

You know the type: it starts out as promising...rays of sunshine, clean, crisp sheets and fluffy kittens...

And sneakily nudges towards unshaven pits in a summer singlet, five soft cheeses but no fruit in the fridge...

And ends in gonna just poke myself in the eye until it feels OK mode.

Yea, one of those.

The one where you resort to the manic Lady Gaga laugh,

Ha-Ha-Ha. Ha-Ha-Ha. Haaaa-Ha-Ha
(Laughed to Poker Face...if still in doubt Google Miranda Hart...such fun...)

The Cat, yes the capital C is deliberate, only eats the green and taupe nuts leaving an over representation of brown, that even the dog wont eat.  Puts on her 'tuna face' and hides in the table drain long enough for you to start to worry.  Open guilt tuna then feel like a sucker when she continues to clean prickles from her fur on the couch.

You try and colour match a shade of white for the unpainted siding post kitchen Reno. Who knew there were so many shades of white.  Has Pinterest taught me nothing...  Totally ignore the fact that the kitchen isn't painted...yet.

You decide to sit outside, relax and light a few candles with a glass of wine.  Discover the candles have melted into a puddle of wax because it is sooooo stinking hot.
Probably why you are in a mood anyway.
Have a long cool shower, discover a pimple on your chin that only a 16 year old girl should sport.
Dash to the supermarket that happens to have great a/c,  buy heaps of fruit and veg...including mung beans...I an effort to stave off humongous pimple.
Remember why you don't normally eat mung beans after they have been placed in a very mixed salad, spend 15 minutes picking them out, one by one.
Totally get the huffs. 

Prior mood was just a practise run.
Remember ice cream lurking behind three packets of frozen beans and flop on the couch watching an overpriced movie from Itunes that you will continue to call a video even though that term is no longer cool/rad/relevant...whatever.
OK rant over. 
I apologise and thank you for your patience in advance.

PS:  Magic Mike is absolutely terrible, for all of the right reasons, though did improve my mood somewhat even though 'gasp' Mr Tatum does have a disproportionate eye to ear size ratio...


  1. Sorry to hear about your crappy day - it really does sound wretched. And I have to agree with you about Magic Mike, what a lame plot. If you're looking for some eye candy, I recommend season 1 of Prison Break - have you seen it? I watched it on iTunes or Netflix I think, and couldn't stop screaming "take off your shirt" at the tv - the main character has this amazing tattoo that accentuates his stunning chest.

    Also, a completely unrelated comment, I lost a trivia game this week when the question was about the population of Australia, I guessed 50 million because I figured it would have to be larger than Canada, given your vast cultural influence on the rest of the world. Turns out I was really wrong, apparently it is more like 22 million, shocking me and causing me to lose the game.

    Have a good rest of weekend Sarah!

    1. Sherri, I'm shocked you did not know the population of Australia!!! Joking, you have educated me, at last count I was sure it was 17million...
      With you re Prison Break!

  2. Oh, girl, I'm so sorry you had such a bad day. However, you started mine with a great laugh! Thanks. Hope your tomorrow is better!

  3. I was moping around putting off the decorating when I saw your rant alert on the Bloglovin' feed. I had to come over. Your post has made my day simply because my day is better than your day. Maybe I better not say that too loud. When I woke up, my husband had quietly fed the dogs and cats, rotated them in and out the house, and rinsed out yesterday's dishes. PLUS no animal has upchucked so far today! Thank you for giving me my sense of humor back!

  4. Haha...this was a good laugh, sorry it was at your expense. LOL Thanks for the giggles. Hope your day has improved- Channing Tatum would never do it for me, though. Those beady eyes are a deal breaker. Ice cream, on the other hand...a step in the right direction to better my day. Seriously, thanks for your lighthearted approach to things, it definitely makes everything look better!

  5. haha, you always make me smile. Sorry your day was such a disappointment but you still seem to have your sense of humor in place. Thanks for sharing!

    1. So glad none of you have had a shocker of a day! Think it helps to have a dorky sense of humour, I defiently feel better after paying myself out!


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