Monday, 3 December 2012

DIY Christmas Tree {Timber, paper and twine}

DIY Christmas Tree
   It was officially the hottest day of the year today.  {43 Celsius!}

   But I made a Christmas Tree…

   Of sorts.

DIY christmas tree
    No Pine trees; faux Target or reforestation project; were harmed in this little project…
 Though my local dump monitor may be spitting chips he  missed me whisk this tongue and groove timber beauty away.
    I wish him the merriest of Christmas’s and I shall consider this a gift shared amongst two old friends.
DIY Christmas Tree Decorations
A quick dust and coat of beeswax and she is lovely…and not a pine needle in sight.
FYI, I have a longstanding pine tree phobia that is both irrational and debilitating.
I’m sure in the right context; non canned snow, a rustic fireplace, pumpkin spiced anything…I could learn to like them.      
Until then, I will be content with my

DIY/preloved/timber/dump rescue/up cycled tree. 

DIY Christmas Tree Ideas
When I think of Christmas trees, I think of home made ornaments, paper and twine, personal messages and touches.
I don’t want a Target tree or someone else’s idea of what a Christmas tree should look like.
I hope that doesn’t sound snobby…hey my tree is made from another persons junk…
I want to be up to my armpits in rum ball and Christmas pudding mixture and look over at my tree…and smile.
Thinking of the fun times I spent sweating chips over irregularly cut circles and non-complaint string and tissue paper and doilies, wooden pegs snapping and the weird smell permeating from the timber despite the bees wax…
Doily christmas ornament
Aside from the gorgeous aesthetics…smell aside…this tree cost $0.00.
Tip gifts, house shopping/using what you have, made this fit neatly into the budget.
Okay, the next picture is terrible but in ‘keeping it real’ territory.

DIY timber christmas tree
Housed in the fetching blue cord are fairy lights, I’ve taped them to the back of the ‘tree’ and they look amazing in the dark.
Because, you know, fairly lights look like plastic cords during the day. My photographic skills are limited enough in the day light hours so I will spare you the vague shape in the dark shot.
I thought I should just point out, in case you noticed but are too polite to say anything in fear of receiving the “I hope you step on Lego award”…
I have not finished painting the kitchen
The undercoat is 7/8th’s done and curtain hardware removed, partly filled and that’s where it ends.
In my defence, the paint tin helpfully suggests not painting over 30 Celsius so I am happily complying.  I would hate to offend Dulux by working outside their recommended ranges.
Next up, present wrapping.  My favourite part, closely followed by work Christmas parties.  Why do they exist…really.  I like most of my colleagues but as luck would have it, only 5% of them will be in attendance…
And as the ‘tall chick with broad shoulders’, I am officially not being Santa this year…just getting that out there! 
In totally non relevant to this post news…I have finally ordered reverse cycle air-conditioning for the living room and kitchen.  I cannot wait!  I will be able to enjoy the kitchen in summer for the first time since buying the shack.  I may even resort to pulling a mattress out and having a little sleepover in the living room.  How cool is that. 
Pun totally intended.
PS:  This is the first post I’ve written in Windows Live Writer.  Loving it so far!

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  1. I think it's perfect! Thanks for another great post to start my day!!

  2. What a 'tree'! It has to be the most unique one ever, and it's wonderful! However did you think of it? I'll bet it looks great in the dark, backlit as it is. Enjoy it, and here's hoping your office party isn't as dreadful as they usually tend to be.

  3. Your tree is very unique and I like the fact it is what you want and not what someone else thinks it should be. I'm sure it took you quite a bit of time to create.

  4. Ah, it's really cute. Wow, 43 degrees Celsius at Christmas time, that is something... I love the rustic nature of your project and how you used old stuff to create it! Merry Christmas!

  5. Very unique indeed! I love different. I thank you for joining my knock off challenge party.


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