Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas Day {I made the good list}

Full to the pussy's bow, stuffed, replete, done like a dinner...

A hot, roasted, turkey dinner and pudding and a second helping of pudding.

Because I'm all into testing my elastic shorts over the jolly season.

Yes, they were the classy elastic banded short, complete with button so as not to look elastic related.  They even required the gentle touch of a hot iron.

Shut up...I know!

Santa visited in spectacular form and managed to lug a fluro green kayak in his slay. 

He obviously bumped the frivolous stuff {children's toys, world peace] to make way for my present.

Not that I have any means of moving the kayak from the back yard to the river...Santa {AKA awesome Sister} and I have had words.

Next year I get a roof rack/handsome man to lug the kayak for me...{roof rack optional}

Either way is a win win situation though there is an open debate regarding refund status :)

Otherwise, Christmas day was all around brilliant.

No under/over cooked food
No embarrassing drunk uncles
A happy, small, white dog who totally disgraced herself in the blow up pool
No dud gifts/re gifting in an obvious way
Perfect weather
Happy children who innately know how to use an Ipad/Ipod...freaky but helpful
All of my favourite people in one spot
And a sufficient amount of potentially embarrassing photos of people wearing fake moustaches from their Christmas crackers...

Today is Boxing Day...a day of leftovers and sales!  The kind of sales that make you  wish you hadn't spent so much pre Christmas.

Though I may have warmed my credit card just a smidgen.

For world peace, not a roof rack...

How was your day?  Are you as sick of the sight of food as I am...but continue to eat it anyhow....


  1. Haha...Sarah, you make me laugh. Your Christmas sounds wonderful, and hey, world peace can wait, everyone needs a kayak. LOL
    I might venture out for Boxing Day sales, not sure yet, but if you do go out there stay safe! LOL Stores only open at noon today here, so I still have time to think about it. It's freezing, though..minus 12°C, might just stay in and do some housework. Enjoy your lovely warm holiday season, and thanks for brightening our day with your humour!

  2. You are like a wonderful breath of fresh air when i read your blog! Love all of it, especially your wishes for next year. I don't have a Kayak...or a vehicle to carry one....but sure could use a good lookin' man capable of carrying one!!

    Have a blessed New Year! Dona

  3. Merry Christmas Sarah! It sounds like you had the most wonderful day, love the list of how it all worked so well (can totally relate to the joy over not having drunken relatives giggling as they bash into the Christmas decs). And reflecting on the gift you received, I think the least your sister can do is to provide the handsome-hunky-kayak-carrying-guy for your birthday. Have a wonderful holiday and a happy New Year!


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