Monday, 17 December 2012

Christmas Count Down {Checking my list twice...ish}

Christmas in seven short sleeps...not that I'm counting.
But I am making lists and checking them twice...ish.

Then crossing them out and rewriting them...then stressing that I've forgotten something.

  • A present for someone important in my life and that perhaps I've missed the on line shopping delivery deadline...despite 59 emails reminding me to purchase prior to 15/12...
  • to check my home insurance plan in case of fire caused by outdoor fairy light malfunction (maybe I should attach them to my asbestos shed...thoughts?)
  • Is  it even worth putting up lights when the neighbours that flank me on two sides have erected light displays that can be seen from space...
  • Does an ice cream Christmas pudding constitute as real pudding, and will it turn icy despite triple wrapping it in plastic in the coldest part of the one likes an icy ice cream Christmas pudding.
    • and why does all the fruit/chocolate/marshmallow sink to the bottom...?

  • The decision to send Christmas cards via feels wrong and bad but so 2012. 
    • I'm ageing so I want to feel all up with it and hip and technologically savvy...and by admitting that am automatically sad, and old.
  • Secret Santa.  The bain of every working persons life.   I like most of my work colleagues but picking a gift with a $15 limit and a thoughtful sure to entail cool/thrifty/thoughtful gift goes to a colleague I dislike immensely and make me wish I had just bought non winning lottery tickets instead.  Grouch...mmm
  • Christmas wrapping.  Not that there is any pressure whatsoever to do fantastic things with brown paper, twine and a printer.  Thanks Pinterst for making my $2 store wrapping look like 50c junk.


  • Christmas tree - check
  • Christmas wreath - check
  • Christmas presents for 99% of people - check
  • Christmas bank balance - oh yea!
I still have a healthy fear/respect for pine trees, carols played in supermarkets and people who wear Christmas themed shirts and earrings...

But I'm done, ready and calling it a day.  I'm thankful that I'm not working this year and I cannot wait for my sister and her beautiful family to arrive on Thursday...

Not that I'm counting.


  1. You are so funny, and sweet all at the same time! Hope your Christmas is lovely!

  2. According to the list... It will be! Cannot wait to see my family. What are your Christmas plans?

  3. Hey! It sounds like you have it all under control. Have a wonderful Christmas! ( Your wreath is lovely!)

  4. :) Your list(s) were very entertaining and fun to read! Glad you shared :)

  5. It all sounds lovely- and as always, so funny. Looks like you've got everything under control, with sanity still intact. Have a wonderful holiday with your family.

  6. Oh, Sarah, thank you for helping me laugh today! I hope you have a truly wonderful time with your family!


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