Sunday, 4 November 2012

Why A Home Renovation/DIY blog?

This is the timber table top that started a blog...the sharing of my home and style.

It's mixture of fresh white paint, battered, recycled charm, usefulness and prettiness won me over.......oh and it was free baby!
I've always made the most of what I have to make a house a home. 
Memories of uni days rentals and being the only one of my friends interested in buying cushion covers and decorating the book case...
And they wonder why I'm single...
The table made me reassess how I decorate my home. 

I've always struggled with want versus need and how I want my home to look.

Sometimes it's easy to get hooked up in the foofing process.

Pinterst, online shopping, magazine home envy...other blogs even.

It took me ages to realise what my 'thing' was, what I liked, could live with, could afford...

That doesn't mean I'm any more decisive.

It's totally normal to take six months to decide on bedroom layout, bar stool style and window furnishings

really it is...

But I do come home from work, open the door, dump my junk on the counter and think how good it is, how fortunate I am to have a place of my own.

It makes you feel a bit clever really.

I don't have to have modern, pricey furniture, or art, or the latest paint colour or gadgets.

It's OK to say that most of your belongings have a history, a story.

A few rough edges.

And it's still OK to dream and plan and admire and change....
And save for the totally awesome light fitting that you spotted and know must grace your ceiling...

Even if the kitchen debacle of 2012 isn't over...we don't talk about it at present...

We as in me...Yes I know talking in 3rd person is just seemed fitting.
...Having your own shack is pretty satisfying.


My friends have always told me I 'get' the house into a home thing...that my home is enviable, personal and totally me.

I love that other people can walk through the front door and go, wow, that is so you.

A bit rough around the edges maybe :)

Blogging about my home and style is hard.  Sometimes I get my cranky pants on. 

I whinge and whine and grizzle about my awful photos, dubious humour based content and spelling.  (FYI, the first picture is saved as "bowel on timber table top"...should be very helpful for those Googling Colonoscopy...". 

My blog is a bit all over the shop, humour, whinging, home decor, DIY, more whinging.

But I love sharing, getting comments/feedback and just being part of it.

I've 'met' a totally non creepy, totally dissimilar to online dating many like minded people with amazing talents and ideas.  People who lift your spirits and make your day...and don't mind my dorky humour!

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  1. This was a great post! So glad I found (and follow) you! The "bowel" comment made me, literally, laugh out loud! Thanks for a great start to my day!

  2. Wonderful post! Like you, I am so grateful to have my own home...finally! And, like you, still figuring out my style. Must see if you show up on a Google for colonoscopy!


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