Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sunday State, A weekly roundup

If I were delivering a service, say public transport, mail, pizza...
I would be out of a job by now.
Lets just say my 'weekly' roundup of all things lovely that rock my socks is a few weeks behind.
Luckily I'm a forgiving gal and I'm back on track...this week. 
I'm feeling 10 times more intelligent, capable and rearing to go.
I will blame my bravado on finally succumbing to eye wear (sounds snazzier than glasses). 
I shall no longer be referred to as 'squinty eye', 'evil squinty eye' or 'premiture squinty wrinkle eye'...
Yes people are cruel...I was just trying to compensate for being long sighted....hello!
I can hear the 'librarian eye' taunts building up. 
Things that have rocked my socks this week...and in the past few weeks of being a negligent blogger.


Amazing blog, just check out the nursery makeover. 

The Lilly Pad Cottage Blueprint Art

The Hunted Interior,  The link for this is to the entire home! 
White kitchen with black and timber accents love...from Looks Like White
The kitchen I stalked checked...a lot, for inspiration for my renovation,  In The Fun Lane.
The Painted Hive, Aussie blog love!
PS:  In a totally shameless nod to all things me...
Check out my Xmas board on Pinterst.
Yes, I'm really trying to get into the spirit this year!

Playing around on PicMonkey, almost tweeked to a useable, printable, good for xmas gift form!  Hopefully I will figure out how to share free printables with you soon.

May Monday not be too horrendous for you all....I have a day off.
Not rubbing it in...just sharing the love and saying...




  1. Your pinterest board is fantastic! I need another year to get ready for Christmas now, with all of the ideas for homemade gifts and decorating. I can't wait to see how you decorate your home for Christmas, I bet it will be magical. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Sherri, it's so hot here at the moment, up near 40 degrees c, It's so hard to get motivated, but come December first, that is the plan!

  3. Love your Pinterest board for Christmas! The genuine fear picture cracked me up. Repinned a few things! I'm guenot sure of Celcius vs Farenheit anymore (must be getting older), but shivering in Connecticut!


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