Thursday, 22 November 2012

Christmas Gifts For Pets {Without The Humiliation}

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If my pets had opposable thumbs...then there is a high change that this post could have been written by them...
I write this with the cat literally at my side.
No pressure, it's not like I rescued her as a starving, orphin kitten or anything...
I have asked for advice, she gave me the "don't make me hate you anymore than I already pretend not to" look...
You know the one. 

The one that's followed by vigorous, noisy grooming, feed me the good tinned stuff eyes, prints all over the white kitchen bench top...
and a chewed mouse on the bath mat.
Pets are always included in Christmas celebrations in my family.  A new ball, squeaky thing, chew treat.
This is the acceptable stuff.
I will admit to purchasing the odd canine reindeer antler head attire, dousing the dog in tinsel and lurid ribbon...and making her chase ball while wearing it...
Bad, bad, pet owner.
The temptation to decorate your pet in Christmas lights, santa hats, cute bows...
Don't do it...they will give you the stinkeye in any photo you take and believe me, no one loves/thinks it's as cute as you do...including your four legged friend.
This year...and I have it on good authority their will be a four legged revolt if this occurs again....I must make an effort.
I tackled Pic Monkey and my overlay phobia...who knew there was a simple button for this...and made these. 

The cat is preparing the ModPodge and food canisters as I type.  She's not one for suprises, unless it involves a can opener.

I think a certain someone would approve... 
I have no idea where this dog piccie originated from, if anyone knows, please let me know.  I would hug and bestow a thousand gifts upon the is pure gold.
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  1. haha, funny! I do solemnly swear not to put tinsel on the kitties unless they beg me to. :D

    1. Good move Cecilia, never trust a decorated cat!

  2. Ok seriously, you are so talented! I love the wonderful graphics you created - amazing and I'm sure kitty will be super helpful with the ModPodge. My little crew are not that great at crafts. :) However my kitty crew love Christmas, another chance to break things (tree ornaments), what fun! What a great sense of humour you have Sarah.

    1. Thanks Sherri, I have a slight PicMonkey addiction going on right now, off to make cards!

  3. I'd like to invite you to join me at the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week!

    I hope to see you there!
    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

  4. Loved this post. Thanks for sharing over on Show & Tell at SNAP! xoxo

  5. Ha ha I love it! The graphics are great also. Thanks for sharing on "I Gotta Try That"


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