Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Things I should know at the age of 33

I love reading the 'things I would tell my 16 year old self' stories. 
They always have me nodding my head up in down going 'ah ha, ah ha', like a crazy person.
Recently, I thought I would have a stern talk to my teenage self...
I scrapped this after five minutes...what do you tell a 16 year old goody goody at an all girls boarding school in the early 90's?...
"Dear Sarah,
Socks and dress shoes...the look will not take off.  A boy that decorates his letters (I know, how 90's) with highlighter and is barely literate is probably not a keeper.  Hanson and Jewel, did they even exist?  Don't bother keeping your cassingles, you won't have anything to play then in." 
etc, etc.
I decided I would be better off having a stern talk to myself...now.
This could/will be lengthy so I have been considerate and compiled a dot pointed list of completely random things I should know by now
  • It's OK that you still don't know how to demist a car, wiping the windscreen with a sock and holding your breath is fine
  • Your not a very good speller but really enjoy grammar: nerdy but true, I mean who falls off of a ladder........it drives me nuts
  • You may not know how many days there are in any given month, or when the seasons change but you always remember bin day, good girl
  • It's OK to be scared of the dark, but you got smart and bought an ensemble bed...you only need to keep an eye out for skinny monsters covered in lint now
  • Paint swatches are made by people with a sense of humour
  • Listen to your mother, she may not seen right at the time...but she will be!
  • You will always have low key road rage at slow motorists, caravans, road works and people that still don't know how to give way or use round a bouts...hello, give way to your right people!
  • Occasionally you refer to Facebook as "The Facebook"... just like an old person
  • You will always let out a little snort when you laugh, someone will always say "you snorted" and you will always say "I know"
  • Google+, you didn't get it 6 months ago, I doubt your gonna get it now...let it go already
  • Siri will never be your friend. She is a smarty pants and occasionally you will have odd conversations with her to try and prove a point. The cat thinks this is weird but doesn't interrupt, just gives you 'the look' and continues licking her butt
  • You will never gain control of your hair.  Live with it.  Cow licks and fringes don't mix, you did learn that the hard way
  • Your sister is the funniest person you know because your sense of humour is so alike/stupid.....stop it I like it!! (Just for you sis!)
  • You always try and see the good in people even if you to smother the desire to put a pillow over their head every time you see them
  •  Extra chewing gum V's your gastrointestinal system =  full alert....just chew a mint, please
In the interest of public boredom, I'm ending the list at this point. 

If you could compile a list and present it yourself tomorrow, what would it say, serious or otherwise?

My one serious addition:  Do not ever start smoking.....because ending it will be the hardest thing ever!

In other news...the builder is definitely coming tomorrow........fingers/toes/legs/eyes crossed!




  1. LOL...very cute, very funny!

    ~Coleen at Wind and Roses blog~

  2. haha, great list. I'd tell myself...it's ok to try and fail. Hey, at least you tried!
    And not everyone is going to get you - that's ok. Those that matter, do-most of the time. :)

  3. This is priceless, and much knowledge went into this! :D

  4. Oh dear 20 State... I wish I had thought of the ensemble for 'skinny monsters only' years ago!!! Still have to do the longjump from the light switch every night. I think the 'gum' thing is almost creepily accurate.... Still laughing. And...your sister must have a real cool sense of humour too!!!

  5. Priceless! Ditto the smoking...sigh. Would add "Don't look or for the perfect man...none exist. Look instead for integrity & honesty and the ability to be best friends forever." "Take risks, travel, have adventures!"


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