Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Postive Thoughts For A Nearly Completed Kitchen

I like to think of myself as a positive person...patient and kind...a glass half full kinda gal.
Apart from the Lego award to Miss Not So Anonymous 2012...
I do feel a bit bad about that.
Anyways, for those who have followed the kitchen renovation story, you will notice a bit of agitation and passive aggressive behaviour directed towards my builder whom I have seen/heard hide nor hair from for weeks, thus leaving me with a 92.7% completed kitchen.
Did you notice I just channelled Downtown Abby sophistication and culture with the addition of whom, thus and hide nor hair...classy.

Well ladies (until a man comments on my blog I assume that all my readers are female...or too frightened by my obviously single  status and now sexy turquoise door to comment)...
the. builder.has.made.contact.......
I know right, I'm shocked and surprised...and feeling positive that even though he said he was coming Monday/Tuesday and it is now Tuesday evening and he still hasn't been...
that he will.
I need it done so I can paint, and hang curtains and cook surrounded by gleaming tiles.

Time for a recap. 

It started as this, a homage to pine and laminate and stove filth


To scary, scary walls knocked down, cement piles on the floor (I'm still removing cement dust from between the floor boards).

To random pictures of the nearly done kitchen.

Please cross your fingers and toes for me that the builder will be good to his word and pep up my stamina for this project.

Otherwise I'm going to have to start Pinning positive affirmations, or believe I am capable and confidant before having 'that' conversation, or singing 'I'm so hap, hap, happyyyyyyyy in the mornings' (thanks Dad, great memories). 


  1. I just found your blog yesterday and am quite enjoying it. I'm a new blogger, too- and when it comes to home renos we've done it all and more. Hope that contractor shows up, they're very elusive creatures, I know. Don't despair, one day your kitchen will be complete- just in time to start the next room. Oh, and just so you know- once it's all done? It all starts over again. LOL
    ~Coleen at Wind and Roses blog~

    1. Hi Coleen, welcome to blogging...and thank you for stopping by...The thought of starting over again makes my eye twitch, though I am attemting to save for a deck..perhaps a different less elusive builder!

  2. What is it with contractors (men) and no follow through?! Once he does get the job done, give him a framed Lego!

    1. Oh this idea is sooo tempting! I'm thinking I should print and frame a few.....I think I might need them!

  3. Half done projects are the worst especially when it's a kitchen project. You have no control over the process of getting it finished up and having your kitchen torn apart and mostly useless is such a hassle. I wouldn't have the patience for waiting on that contractor.

  4. Kim I know! Luckily mine is fully functional, just not pretty and finished!


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