Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Blogging V's Real Life

I've noticed a few 'off' moods in bloggy land over the past few days.
People sharing how overwhelmed they are by the whole experience of getting it out there.
My advice...
Ditch the projects you are only doing so you can put up a post, stop pinning, stop checking and comparing.
Leave your blog alone for a week...
It will miss you and you it...but you know what...
The world will keep rotating.
And your bills will be payed, your house will get cleaned, you will make phone calls and watch TV and make make meals.
Look at your house as a home...not a project.

Blogging is not a competition, a popularity contest, a measure of your worth.


It's Spring, the days are longer, still cool....perfect for getting out and about.

Away from the computer.

The house will wait.

Projects will wait.


You can do it all...just not at once.

Enjoy your home, and creating things that genuinely matter.

Creating for a 'party', to boost your posts, to 'grow' your blog'...

Is that why we really started doing this??


  1. Sarah, that is excellent advice! I have found that every time I walk away from my blog, it's right there where I left it when I come back. If I am enjoying blogging, then fine, if it is stressful, then I'm not enjoying it anymore and it's time to step away.

  2. I feel ya, and some wise words too! :)



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