Saturday, 29 September 2012

Shut the front door...after I paint it.

The front door of a home is a window to its soul..
                                                                                                   Said someone at sometime.
OK, I totally made that up.
If that were the case, my soul is channelling an octogenarian in a full on Nana chick, blue rinse, matching twin set, eat dinner at 5pm kind of way. 
Kinda not the look a 30 something, single gal is is looking for
Nothing says "hello boys" like a baby blue door with a cat sitting on the porch.
The outside of my shack is in pretty good shape.  It was freshly painted a few months prior to purchase.  Cream, beige and baby blue are not colours I would necessarily of picked but non the less, neat, clean and one less job for me to do.
Not that painting an entire house would have daunted me at all, not as much as finishing the bathroom ceiling anyway.
This is an old photo (my photo's won't upload today)...the straggly shrubs and weird white rock have moved on, however, lurking in the shadowy background is my baby blue front door. 
I want it gone!
I want to paint it black, navy, teal, aqua, green, greenish grayish bluish...
Anything but baby blue.
Yes I need a new mail box...yes my posties tetanus is up to date...
I actually have a new mail box sitting in storage
It will be vintage by the time it is put to good use...
So I'm doing something radically different, groundbreaking, revolutionary...weird even
I'm not going to consult the mecca of all things home...AKA Pinterest

I'm asking you...what colour should my front door be.

Preferably one that pulls all the single men in a 500km radius


  1. I vote for red! It's such a warm, welcoming colour, sure to appeal to the future man in your life!

  2. Red, of course. Nothing says, "I wear 4-inch heels and tight leather pants just to take out the garbage," like a red door. Have fun! Cute house, btw!

  3. Ditto. Red would be my favourite. A dark chinese red. Lushious, rich, the colour of luck. Paint the door and the house can fit around it eventually!

  4. I just went through months of agonizing over a front door color. I finally submitted a picture on Houzz as a dilemma. I received great feedback and through the process finally figured out that the color I was avoiding - not due to dislike however - was the perfect color. Now just deciding on what sheen. (May be it's still white). I wanted something that would not clash with the colors planned for the room it opened into. Hence, I went from initially thinking I wanted a periwinkle blue (leaning to blue) and came to the realization that black was THE color and it settled "right" in my spirit, would pop anything I hang on it and will go with what I have planned for inside. I also used a place on Sherwin Williams website where I could upload a pic of my house and just paint my door different colors (of course, I'd avoided black for months until recently). It gave me a good idea of what I didn't want and it's free to use.

    My first question to you is, what color do YOU want to see multiple times each day? My second is, what settles "right" in YOUR soul? An third, what is YOUR "style" (beach/ocean, desert, contemporary, traditional, etc.)

    That said, Hale Navy (blue/blue gray on my computer) by Benjamin Moore is beautiful. A rich, deep red (not red-orange) is as well. I love the idea of a deep, rich turquoise for your door - your siding is showing white on my computer.

    You can visit me at to see what I've done so far in my home up here in Connecticut! Glad I'm not the only one in the world going through this!

  5. I think definitely a green/blue tone to bring the outside up the stairs. I think a dark colour in a recessed doorway could be a little off putting at times and red?? will it go with your style? I think red would need other bright colours to balance it out.... only opinions. I do agree that you have to go with your gut instinct and you will probably go with it in the end anyhow.. good luck!


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