Monday, 10 September 2012

Relaxed Camper

Purple wildflower

I am officially relaxed in only the way that scaredy cats can be
 I survived the horned beasties!

Not that I was anxious about camping or anything…

I think the last three days and two dingo/wild beastie, boogie man free nights have helped me unwind from about three months of stress.
desert wildflower

The desert country was in fine form

Carpets of wild flowers, sand dunes amidst the wide open flats, lizards up posts, cool days and clear bright nights

And only one tourist who pretended to be asleep while dad and I dug our vehicle out of a sand bog…in the dark…for two hours

I only hope we didn’t ruin his serenity and I wish him many happy days of travelling ahead…here’s hoping he packed a shovel and a winning attitude…Smile

white wild flowers

There was not a hungry dingo in sight, only one bush pig sighting…and she wasn’t wearing flannelette…

A few inquisitive cows that were totally intimated into not licking or stampeding me

It’s amazing…they must have ESP…my intimidating, mind control thoughts of steak/crumbed/BBQ/burger really worked


I didn’t get sookyitis from having to pee behind a bush…even when I staked my foot on a piece of wood while clambering up a sand dune…luckily cows don’t understand four letter words unless they contain moo…mine certainly did not.

Lessons I have no particular order of importance
  • don’t wear crocs while camping, they are ugly anyways and provide no foot protection…no one wants tetanus aka “pus foot" as a souvenir from camping
  • wild beasties and hungry animals exist in my imagination more so than in real life…plus it’s very hard to to appear ‘brave’ while wearing a head light…it does tend to send a signal to other parties that your nervous when it’s darting around the bush like a 1980’s disco
  • baby wipes are not just for babies…face/armpit/whatever cleaners
  • not all campers are happy campers, I know I should let up on the couple that didn’t help but gee it’s hard to think nice thoughts when your up to your axle/armpits in sand, in the dark, for two hours.  My mean/happy thought is that when dad turned the headlights on one of them was caught in a ‘personal hygiene’ moment that ended very abruptly…
  • all food tastes awesome when cooked on a bush pig, watching the moon rise, in peace and quite, with good company
I can’t wait to do it again!

A few more piccies of the trip and amazing country side.

Excuse the shadow!  This was the backdrop I woke up to on Saturday morning, sand dune and native flowers galore…and no dingo tracks…woo hoo!
Desert wild flowers.  I snuck a branch home to grace my dining table.

The view while having a cup of coffee on Sunday morning.
Bush pig…you may not be pretty but you cooked a great dinner.

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  1. Beautiful pictures and beautiful scenerey..


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