Monday, 24 September 2012

How to install a wireless printer - for dummies!

It's been a long time in between posts.

I would like to say I've been a busy bee, planning projects, compiling information, DIYing like a mad thing and crossing a few things off my list (AKA  'how to part with money')...

No, not even close.

I've been trying to hook up a wireless printer.

Ok not for the last two weeks straight...but it sure feels like it.

For those with a smidge of technological know how...please avert your eyes, feel free to move onto someone elses blog or just keep the sniggers to a minimum

I still have a shred of dignity intact...

I had the pleasure of purchasing the Cannon MX516 last week

The PIXMA MX516 is an affordable solution for home office convenience to print, copy, scan and fax with High-Speed ADF, Large LCD screen and dual function panel provides easy to use operation. Wireless/Ethernet connections. Fast printing at approximately 9.7ipm in black and 5.5ipm in colour. Effortless copying, scanning and faxing with the auto document feeder for continuous reading of the originals

The key words in the blurb are convenience, easy to use and effortless...

This would be a reasonable assessment if
a.  you didn't tune out after reading the word affordable
b.  you had a basic understanding of Wireless internet
c.  you didn't get the poops after it didn't work the first 10 times

I have one word to say

Who knew you had to have a router so all the wirless thingies could magically meet in the sky then say  'hi computer, I'm the new printer, wanna hang...I'm convenient, easy to use and effortless..."

If I had a router, then computer would have given a big old thumbs up, spread out the welcome mat and invited the printer for scones and tea...

I did not have a router, I did not want to buy one...I wanted to print.

After googling 'connect wireless printer', 'why printer wont connect', 'stupid computer and stupid new printer', 'brand new wireless printer for sale..'

I found Connectify

Oh my...happy days!!

It's router software for Microsoft that uses your WiFi dongle to connect and share your internet with other devices.

I didn't want to share my internet...and I can't because my dongle/WiFi card isn't compatable...but it allowed my printer and computer to talk

and make nice...and wanna hang out

and print!!

And it's FREE and EASY to download...even for the techno challenged/inept.

I will leave you with a little geek humour...much more my style.

Please feel free to share your techno woes...I know I'm not alone...what embaressing stories of ineptitude have you overcome to the point you can laugh about them now...

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