Thursday, 6 September 2012

Happy Camper

I’m writing this post with a tremble of anticipation
A very small, barely noticeable tremble…naked to the human eye even
Unless your a camper. 

 Full stop
I am due to wake bright eyed and bushy haired tailed tomorrow morning, packed and ready to camp out in the open, under the stars, in a swag, outside, in a big wide open dark space not surrounded by walls and doors and locks and night lights and be eaten alive by rates/dingos/pigs…stared at by horned beasties (cows) while I pee, keeping an eagle out for spiky grass…before I pee………………..for two whole nights.
Oh yes I’m a camper from way back
Can’t you tell
Sleeping under the stars should be a relaxing, lovely experience.
I envision it somewhat like this

Any camper knows that the reality will be more like this


A DIY bush pig  (sorry Aussies,  I know this is normally derogatory slang for “lady with few teeth wearing flannelette and no bra” but welcome to my world), swags, tinned food, headlights, a healthy fear of dingo’s, a father who is 88.999% deaf without hearing aids who will not hear my frantic “wake up, wake up”’s followed by even more frantic head darting…with head lamp on…towards the crunch I heard in the bushes that know is not a cow but a dingo….or a man driving a covered tray back.
Google Wolf Creek the movie
And never sleep again.
I don’t mind ‘roughing’ it…I’m pretty low maintenance…I’ve peed behind, in front of and in lue of a bush before, I can handle a bird bath to keep me going for 48 hours, I love the stars, no traffic, no phone, no computer and my dad for company
I just hate the dark.
This scaredy cat will update you…hopefully Winking smile in 72 hours
After a hot shower and reacquainting myself with the couch.


  1. I am an avid night sky watcher! Whatever kind of camping you do is worth a beautiful night sky! Enjoy!

  2. So nice to meet you Sara!
    I like your
    Love your blog header,

  3. Haha! Love the 'Bush Pig', have met a few in my time but none that could cook such a yummy feast!! Glad you enjoyed your trip and wish I could have come along to see all the bush flowers out there!


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