Tuesday, 14 August 2012

What I won't blog about. This week.

I've been introducing friends and family to my blog over the last few days. 

It's hard.

And I don't wanna do it anymore. Waaaaaaa!

Once I've explained what a blog actually is...

                       Um hello, it's the year 2012.

Said twenty twelve because everyone is way too busy to actually take the 1.2 seconds to say two thousand and twelve.

It bugs me......a lot.

And they have grasped the concept that I will be sharing my 'stuff' with total and complete strangers who don't know me, who I will never meet... but know my name because of the super annoying Google+...instead of just sharing it on Facebook like normal people.

Well... they are confused, but in a totally good, smile a lot, ah ha, oh yes, I get it way.

I don't think they get it.

Some of them think it's pretty funny.

I'm normally a very private person, it's difficult to get an invite to The Shack.

One workmate is totally tech savvy....i.e. he just got an iPhone and thinks he's all up with it......knows about blogging. 

He's a boy therefore his blogs involve nail guns, sport, ladies ....and stuff.

He did surprise me though by asking what I wouldn't blog about.

I made a list on a post it note...it survived the wash. 

Snaps for me!

Here is said list.

Warning:  This list may contain information that will bore you to tears.

Let the dot points begin.

  • You will never see inside my pantry. 
    •  I exhibit a few OCD tendencies in regards to storage, labelling and organisation but what happens behind closed doors, stays there.  There are only so many ways a 90cm wide space filled with brown rice, chickpeas and chocolate can appear stimulating.

  • My work.
    • I really, really like my job. I would like to keep it. 
    • The world of Facebook has a lot to answer for in regards to workplace chat.
    • Lets just be clear......I don't work for NASA but I'm sure the expulsion program is just as thorough.

  • Things I know nothing about.
    • I could share my tips for painting furniture but that would be like my curtain tutorial.
    • Hilariously lacking in tips with poor quality photos.
    • I will leave that to the pro's...
    • You know the ones, they make ebooks and everything!

  • What I wear.
    • Please see the latest Target catalogue.
    • Winter - track suit pants, uggs and jersey
    • Summer - elastic shorts, singlet, thongs
    • Jazzing it up - stand in front of hanging rack and vow to buy skirt.

  • Personal Hygiene
    • If anyone wants to know what shampoo, razor, make up I use, I'm not your gal.
    • I haven't seen a dentist for three years and I have a lipstick from university.  Enough said.

  • Planning.....anything.
    • I couldn't fight my way out of a wet paper bag....not that I imagine it would be difficult but I've never seen a paper bag that could fit a 180cm tall person in it.
    • meal planning, party planning, outfit planning.......again, not your gal.
    • I'm single and live with a cat and dog. 
    • My plans revolve around not being a 90 year old spinster with a cat problem.
Well that pretty much covers it. 

It still leaves a lot.

I reserve my right to totally change my mind at any time.

Like when my kitchen is finally finished and my new pantry looks awesome, I develop a sense of style, visit the dentist and show my age and stop using words like totally and awesome.

Later dudes.


  1. Ok Sarah, I'm sold, I'm going to follow you now! You are funny and doing some great things. I am single living in a tiny bungalow in Canada, and I have a dog and 6 cats. Crazy cat lady anyone? Love the dropcloth curtain tutorial. :)

    1. Sherri is your sewing as good as mine.....I hope so otherwise I will jealous. Cats are good in moderation.

  2. Yep, I'm following now! About choked on my ice cream at,"My plans revolve around not being a 90 year old spinster with a cat problem." Dang, I better get moving to avoid that myself! Fortunately, only have one cat, but not all hat long till 90!

    1. They say pets are a good youth fix....here's hoping!


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