Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sunday State #4

 Welcome back! 

I missed Sunday State last week because I was tired,lazy and frustrated.

The Internet is sloooooow on Sundays, it's the tortoise and I am the hare...I want everything fast and done and it just plods along so it takes forever to put this post up.

Anyhoo, as usual I discovered approximately 5356 things that tickled my fancy, made me smile and inspired me to get out of the couch. 

This roundup has no rhyme or reason, just things I like.
Practically Functional is a really neat blog and I thought this tip was helpful.  There will always be a photo you want to share on your blog, just not on Pinterest.  Please feel free to Pin this tip...

 Domestically Speaking has inspired me to keep my ancient laser jet printer.  If I could by freezer paper here I would be a happy chick. 

 Eat Drink Chic This photo is a mix of great things but I love the free printable.

House Tweaking was one of the first blogs I ever started stalking following.  Dana has incredible style and I love these clean, simple oven shelves. OK I love her whole kitchen.

If your looking for a blog where you can stay a while and look and look and look, please try PoppytalkFind a comfy spot and enjoy.

Everest has the best free kitchen cheat sheet ever.  It's free, pretty, helpful and would look great in the kitchen.  Please excuse the screen dump but you get the gist.

I hope you all had a relaxing weekend...bring on Monday!

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