Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sunday State #3

I was part productive, part sloth.

I'm entering a weaning program to get me off the couch....

But when there's so many amazing things to look at...

These made me go ohhh I likey!!...just a little bit.

Enjoy this weeks Sunday State roundup of beautiful things that made me smile, a bit jealous but most importantly,  inspired.

Inside-Out Design made an amazing tufted ottoman...from a coffee table.
One day I will be a creative person with a nail gun.


I  love this stencil rug by DIY On The Cheap.  I love the whole dining room!

Domestic Imperfection made over a wobbly table...not that I have one of those......with chalk paint.  Gotta try that stuff.

If you can past drooling at the made my eye twitch...check out these doors over at owen's olivia.

I love this whole room but check out the bench.  She made it.....crazy talanted people with nails and stuff.  Thrifty and chic

I'm not obsessed with carrot cake...I just like it....a lot.  This one at Angela's Adventures looks worth firing the oven up for.

I hope your Sunday is long and relaxing!

You can check out past eye candy I have featured here and here.

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  1. Thank you for sharing my kitchen doors with your readers! You listed some beautiful things, and I am happy to be among them!



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