Saturday, 18 August 2012

Storage room

I vacuumed today.

Wow, tell me more...

You say.

Holding your breath in rapt anticipation.......

Well the story is long and pretty mundane.  This has not stopped me before.

When the kitchen was gutted ready for renovation, the stove recess was built in creating a storage room.

I will digress and mention that the kitchen is still not finished.  Four months later...

It's pretty lovely and fully functional but the tiling isn't finished and a bench top needs replacing due to a small length issue.......isn't that always the way...


The storage room is about 1.1m wide x 1.3m long and 2.5m high.  Not all that big but it could be useful. 

Until today it has been packed to the ceiling with storage boxes, shoes, dog food, umbrellas (3!), brooms, mops and the vacuum.

Which I believe had transported itself to the very back of the room

I mean I vacuum twice a week...........

How could this have occurred? 

This is the before.  Just in case it's not obvious.

The lovely pile of beige is lino that I thought I could just rip off to expose the cement floor.

Mmm non.

DIY has a lot to answer for.  The lino had been glued straight onto the cement floor.

Porous cement + glue + lino +/- 30 years = oh my god I should down tools now, back away and put down a rug.

I tried the rug.

It wasn't fooling anyone.

I talked to my sister.  She is the brainy one.

She said          "Sarah, you should iron it"
I said                "Sister, I know I may have a slight case of OCD but really"
She said           "Looser...........the heat and steam from the iron will cause a biochemical reaction causing the glue to become soft and pliable therefore easily lifted from the cement"
I said "               "Oh, cool".

And she was right.  But not totally %100.

This is not because I'm the older sister therefore will be right all of the time and she is the little sister and should suck it up and realise she will only be right...when I'm not.

I pictured me and the iron tackling the lino and it would lift like the page of a book in a gentle spring breeze.


I had to use a blade scraper, exacto knife, elbow grease and terrible, nasty cleaners to removed the stubborn pieces of backing paper and glue

If I had taken a self portrait at this stage, you would have seen 'the look' in my eyes...
and backed away slowly, making no sudden movements.

Dear Sister, thank you for your advice, if only you had been there to keep me company for the 3+ hours of ironing, scraping and muttering.

We would have had a blast.......and laughed about it later.

If you squint you can see a man holding forth a loaf of bread, an alien and Italy.

I filled the 40+ nail holes with spack filler and filled in the gaps between the cement floor and wall.

Sadly it was too late in the door to crack open the paint tin. :(


Please peruse the highly detailed plan. Paint, shelves and hooks, thats it.

Based on an approximation from today's effort, it will be finished in two years time.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to have a hot shower, a glass of wine and a sooky lay down on the couch.

Have you ever started a project that hasn't turned out the way you planned.  Please tell, I need cheering up.


  1. Sarah you are doing so much work on your home! I also have a little bungalow. Last year I had someone come in to rip out the kitchen and hallway flooring and replace it, what a disaster. Turns out the subfloor was rotting but the installer decided to put new flooring over top anyway. Now I have soft spots all over the hallway and kitchen where I'm afraid I'm going to fall through. Not exactly a DIY I realize, but a disaster nonetheless. I applaud and admire the fact that you're doing so much of it yourself.

  2. Oh yes, seems like these "easy" or small projects turn into huge nightmares. But it looks good and will be nice once you are done with it. Enjoy watching your renovation. Glad none going on here!

    1. Thanks ladies for the support! I'm having a much better day today...totally covered in paint but smiling!

  3. Haha! Glad you enjoyed the project! I also start these things and soon learn to regret them... Love painted cement floors BTW!


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