Saturday, 25 August 2012

Part 4. Kitchen Renovation: A sneak peak

 I would love for this post title to be

"The Kitchen. It's done and dusted, over, finished, tiled, sanded, painted, shiny, sleek, gooooooorgous"
Preferable in huge neon writing with flashing lights and loud but classy musik...
Would a marching band with a small choir be too much??  Food for though.
Cue a photo montage of me with swish, glossy hair, casually perched on a bar stool, sipping an icy drink at the island bench, flipping through a lifestyle magazine that shows a home eerily like mine, a chicken salad on a wholegrain roll with the nice little seeds on top ready to ingest...
...not the horrible kind of seeded roll where the seeds always end up down your shirt causing an embarrassing but un-ignorable itch in the bust area and you always get caught casually diving in and trying to remove them.
There is a time and a place for bra diving.
That title is so far removed from the reality.
But I want to share some of the progress...and a short note
Dear Builder,
If you happen to see this before you check your text messages, because there are quite a few from me, not in a omg where are you and have you forgotten about me and you better not have because I've payed you way...more a friendly hi how are you remember my kitchen kind of way......
Could you please note the sad unfinished areas that need your skills and expertise...and call me, not just pretend you haven't seen me when I wave while your driving.
From me

On the super remote off chance my builder or any other random builder/tiler sees this and feels sorry for me.......!

I probably shouldn't whinge too much.  While it's not fully pretty, it's fully functional. 

The stove works and doesn't smell like mouse when I bake, the hotplates don't crumble when pasta boils over.  I can bake and cook and steam to my hearts content.  I may have burnt a few things under the grill but I don't think the oven is to blame for that....

OK, I know for sure that it isn't.

...never try and heat mountain bread wraps with more than a hairdryer.

The glossy cabinets are so easy to clean when the cat decides to slide down the cupboard door with damp/muddy feet after drinking from the sink instead of her usual aeronautical display from bench to floor... 

and there is not a pine door knob in sight.

I have an island bench with bar stools.  I broke down and bought the stools, free postage....even to the middle of nowhere!   

The bench is a huge 2 metres long, plenty of room for....well just about everything.  I have managed to restrain myself from using it for a gathering place for all my junk. 

Sometimes it migrates there all on it's own though in the dead of the night.

A shiny sink and tap...with hot water!  I love the swishy pull down spout. 

I sometimes use it to fill my water glass just because I can.

As you can see, we are moving into not quite done territory.

The backslash will be white subway tiles. 

I had the window sill made wide enough to place useful and useless but pretty things on.  I plan to try herbs but I think they will get too much sun...I can buy them dried.

These are the industrial pendant lights my sister gave me for my birthday.  I love them to bits!  They don't look quite right flush with the ceiling so I'm searching for a short pendant light set.

The tiling above the stove still needs grout and sealer. 

I can see a lot of painting in my future.

Goody, goody gum drops!

Modern builder hieroglyphics. 

They are everywhere....could he not have used a calculator and pen and pencil. 

They wash off easily enough though. I'm too scared to do it until the kitchen is finished in case he still needs them.......and I don't want to be cause for any more delays.

The hardwood floor.  I'm so sorry you have to witness the horror of my feet, it's the only photo I could find.

It still needs sanding and I'm having trouble finding someone to do it.  Defiantly not on the tackle myself list.

Until then it's really, really fun vacuuming rice and cat biscuits from between the gaps...

The ugliest door fittings ever!  The funny thing is that even with a dead lock...and a hook...anyone could kick the hollow core door in with bare feet.

They were a last minute add on as apparently sliding door locks are hard to find.  I plan to remove the top three fittings and replace with a nicer knob.  Hopefully the lock will look better when the door is painted.

So, that is the kitchen to date. A sneak peak of the good,the OK and the ugly.

If your really bored, into poor photography and questionable humour or need a snort out loud at some lovely before piccies, you could visit

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  1. First off, you are hysterical. Secondly, I hope your builder gets over there soon to finish. Three, so far, everything looks gorgeous!!! Those stools are perfection. My favorite is the dark grout with the subway tile. I cannot wait to see the final reveal. I'm sure you cannot wait more than me :)

    1. Erin, thank you for dropping by. I hate to spoil your day but the tiles are not grouted yet, the dark stuff is wall and shadow....but you have got me thinking! :)

  2. It' looking pretty gorgeous to me! Hard to be patient though, isn't it? Btw, I LOVE your stools!

    1. I have discovered that patience is 'not my thing'! The stools are great but it makes me twitchy that the holes in the seat aren't lined up in the photo!!

  3. I think you need to go shopping for an old shed door for your door. It'd really make your kitchen. I hate foam core doors. :(

  4. wow, I'm loving your hardware- can't wait t see finished product! Linking back from "serenity now"!

  5. We just finished our white farmhouse kitchen remodel, so I can relate to your desire to be done yesterday! I hope you'll come by and visit Monday evening when the Knick of Time Tuesday Vintage Style party begins.


  6. Wow. I love what you've done so far. Love the stools. It's going to be fantastic.

    Thanks for sharing on Show & Tell at SNAP!


  7. I can't wait to see this finished - loving it so far!
    And there's nothing wrong with your feet lol - I am Queen of of UGLY FEET!

  8. That's the next project I dream of changing is our kitchen! We've lived in our house for 8 years & it's STILL on the "list"...hopefully soon! I can tell I'm going to love yours! I can't wait to see it all finished!


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