Friday, 10 August 2012

Part 3. Kitchen renovation, it's hammer time.

It's hammer time.

Super freak, super freak....

Don't judge, my music formative years were in the 90's. 

This isn't a serious blog, I can't see you.

Feel free to sing along and shake your butt to MMMBop, What A Man, Ice Ice Baby, All I Wanna Do and Achy Breaky Heart.

While doing Vogue fingers.

Mix tapes titled with whiteout, posters of Bros and Milli Vanilli...........long lasting devastation at their deception..... I bought the Cassingle and everything!!

One day I will get straight to the point with a post.

You Ought To Know..........I Want It That Way............


Remember this eye candy.

Well it couldn't handle the pressure.  Or an eager builder with a sledgehammer.

My builder asked if I wanted to save anything.....for resale, donation or prosperity.

Um no.

This is what I wanted to see. 

If I had known the cupboard and draw lining was so stylish, I may have reconsidered. 

Retro vinyl has it's place.

The awkward mouse nest stove recess saying "it's ok, I wanna be a storage room, I respect that".

Stove recesses are lined with concrete, hence the grinder and pile of chunky dust that I will attribute to the death of my vacuum rather than it being a cheap piece of junk that struggled to cope with dust bunnies and stray hair bands let alone rocks..

The plan was to build the stove recess into a storage 'nook' that could be accessed from the back stairs landing. 

I had a moment of panic when I saw the frame....with the stove behind it. 

Stove width V's door frame entered my mind....

I may have discussed my concerns with the builder enough for him to pull out his tape measure........three times......and reassure me.

Hence him builder, me take pictures.

And smile a lot in a "go ahead, I trust you and we are kinda related so I don't want to make it awkward" by being needy/demanding/totally unsure manner.

I asked the builder to co-ordinate the plumber and electrician for me.  It saved a lot of time and effort and really helped keep costs down. 

The more tradies visit, the more they charge. 

Simple math 101 for the home renovator.

It helped that I planned the kitchen layout to utilise the existing plumbing and plotted the location of power points and lights in advance. 

Remember, I spent two years planning this kitchen.

Simple way to alienate friends and family 101....

My advice is simple; live with it until you know what you want and how much you can afford to spend.  Measure, plan, discuss, do some legwork and be upfront with what you want and how much you can spend with your builder. 

If you can form a good relationship with your builder, life will be so much easier.

But not fool proof.

The wall between the kitchen and 'nook' came down without a fight.

The dog was freaked out by all of the extra space, and went to examine the unchanged safety of my bedroom....

Leaving a 628 dark hairs on the white doona.

We've talked,

She's into colour dipping.

I get it.

The oven/cooktop combo from Appliances Online, best bargain ever.  It did a great job of hangin out, lookin cool and sleek , poking tongues at the old oven.......and giving me hope amidst the rubble.

A word of warning....

Do not be disheartened at the 'gut it' stage.

70%  (totally accurate figure!) of it looks terrible and your left wondering if renovating was a good idea.

Water damage to floor boards under the old cupboards, cockroach dust from 1974, unpainted wall panelling, trim that needs spack filler, 1000 nails on the lawn, living with your parents.........

This is normal........ this is good.

It means the renovation plan has moved from planning to doing!

The door that you really, really wanted but found out costs $300.....
Realising you shouldn't spray paint light shades on newspaper on a windy day.....
Being told your ordered and payed for bench top is 7cm too short.........The Mitre 10 online kitchen planner is an easy way to plan your kitchen, apart from inaccurate costs and measurements.

This is the stressful stuff.
If your going to measure, plan and design the kitchen yourself, it's a great idea to befriend someone in your local store who can check your plan, advise you of necessary changes, accept and accomidate your neurocies 'vision' and not run away when they see you.......

They can also give you a discount if you ask!  Don't be shy. 

It's worth it.......and you feel like a total superstar when your Excell spread sheet shows you are saving some $!!

I can't wait to share my finished kitchen.

When the builder returns and finishes the tiling or the painting fairy visits.

Two weeks.......tops.

She said.

Have a wonderful weekend possums.

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  1. Hi, Sarah! I just found your blog via My Repurposed Life's blog! Love what you're doing and your sense of humor! Will be stopping back!


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