Friday, 3 August 2012

Part 2. Kitchen renovation. What I really, really want.

I signed on the dotted line for my little shack three years ago.

In that time I've renovated a bathroom to accommodate an upstairs.......well inside toilet. Lets just say that I may have required an umbrella to access it during times of rain.

The cute little add on is the laundry/toilet.  "Well hello neighbour, why yes I am going to the bathroom".

No one forced me to buy this house..........I must always remember that.

Oh yes and built a fence, painted, created a garden, dealt with plumbing/drainage issues, accepted that my asbestos carport will never blow over in a storm...even if I push it a little bit. 

Dear insurance company,
I'm totally joking and despite ever increasing premiums and the small matter of you not paying out my a/c claim....I still wish for you to take my money insure my humble abode.
xxx Sarah

I knew the kitchen could not wait any longer, see here and here for  some eye candy to remind you, and after three years I had plans.

And mood boards... just a few, lets just say guess a number between 20 and 20, not including Pinterest. 

These were my top three.

1. and 4.  Ikea FINTORP knobs for doors and FINTORP handles for the drawers. They would hopefully lend my flat pack kitchen a little class and they are really affordable and shiny and lovely.
2.White cabinetry with no over head cupboards and U shaped with an island.  Even though the kitchen has high ceilings and could handle overheads, I wanted an open, light space and knew my plan would allow for heaps of storage. I prefer the look of open shelving with everyday items within easy reach and can dust with the best of them.
3. The Ikea RINGSKAR tap looks swishy and has a pull down spout.  I don't know why I wanted a pull down spout...but I just had to have it.
5.  Polished wood floors.  I'm lucky enough to have hard wood flooring throughout the house and it looks gorgeous teamed with white.  Very classic and easy to jazz up with a floor mat.  I was nervous about wood + kitchen and water but with the right sealant, it will be fine.
6.  Matchstick blinds to tone down the white, block out the nosey neighbours and yes they are affordable.
 1.  Even though I planned for an island bench I knew I still wanted a dining table.  I love this one (Cannot find the source sorry!).  Steel frame, timber top and caster wheels.
2.  Replica Tolix bar stools.  These are everywhere at the moment and for good reason.  They come in a zillion (ok i found 10) colours, they stack, fit the bill for classic and industrial.
3.  White subway tile.  Love.  Little did I know that subway tile is super hard to find here in Aus but I figure 10x20cm tile set in a subway pattern will look great.
4.  Large industrial light pendants.  I'm a lucky girl, my sister found two and!!!!!
5.  Natural fibre rug for under the dining table.  I'm still to find one but Ikea does great, affordable ones.
1. and 4.  I knew my outside kitchen door would have to be a slider due to the layout I wanted and given it's size is 'standard' for 1974, I would have to buy a cheap hollow core door and jazz it up.  My budget vs solid wood, non standard size doors = not gonna happen. 
2.  Open shelving with finds from The Shed hung over.  I'm too cheap to buy art and I have heaps of things that will fit the bill.
3.  Old Australian houses come fitted with a charming thing called a stove recess.  It's a nightmare to renovate around.  You can see it here.  To fit my U shaped kitchen plan it, I decided to built it in and fit it out as a storage room for my crap craft, winter clothes and excess stuff that has no other home.

I had ideas, plans and was ready to make it happen!  I just had to self design and order my flat pack pressure.  I can measure ten times and get eight different measurements, surely if I take an average it will all work out just fine...she said ;)


  1. Replies
    1. Me too! Not sure if I'm brave enough though!

  2. Best of luck. I'm on version 51.2 of my dream kitchen layout. Similar to you: U shape, no overheads. But mine includes moving sink and stove and knocking down half a wall. Oh, and removing one window and enlarging another. Hm.

    1. Knocking down walls and re-arringing windows is all part of the fun! Go to v.60 then call it quites because you will probebly go for the first one I did!

  3. Oh Lordy Sarah, I don't know how I stumbled over to 20 State, but I had to do a double take to make sure that I hadn't started a blog when I wasn't looking. I live in the same house and the same town (on another continent but that's trivial). Love it. Can't believe you've only been blogging for a couple months. You are VERY funny and have great ideas so keep it up! I feel challenged to do some of the updates I've been meaning to do too (I'll try a *List* but I'm NOT putting it on the fridge!). Can't wait to keep reading!!

    1. Mm thank you for reminding me about the list...I may have forgot! A twin of my house, oh I wish you luck...chocolate is the key!

  4. I am coveting barn doors too! Good luck with creating the kitchen of your dreams!

    1. I have a bit of a crush on your kitchen, in a totally normal way!


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