Thursday, 2 August 2012

Part 1. Kitchen renovation, the why.

Renovations are probably one of the most enjoyable parts of being a homeowner.

As enjoyable as maintaining good dentistry, making macaroons from scratch and learning how to run 5kms, straight, without stopping, not even to do important things.  Like breath.

I finally stopped talking about renovating my kitchen three months ago. 

I had run out of search options for white kitchens on Pinterest.

I had saved enough money without sacrificing my exciting social life....cough cough

I was sick of baking for work and making self depreciating jokes about my cooking...."oh it's supposed to be raw in the middle", "why yes it's my crispy skinned banana bread" ha ha ha...

Then having to eat it so others weren't scared.

I hated my old kitchen so much I only have two photos, taken on "move in and suck it up big girl, you decided to buy this house" day. 

Above is a fine demonstration of why the 60's where a difficult time. Imagine for a minute if Pinterest existed then, how many beige and pine boards would have existed.  Accents of DIY embroidered tea towels, lace cafe curtains and wooden salad bowls all round.

Pine is fine if you are a tree.

The dining 'nook'.  Sounds classy, cosy and intimate.  I believe it's french for "very small and mostly useless space attached to a kitchen".

The kitchen had one redeeming feature, a non load bearing wall ready for a zealous builder and a sledgehammer.

There was no pantry, no hot water, the stove was held together by 20 years of grilled cheese, the bench tops were a classy, semi sealed chipboard. 

I wanted this, really, really badly. More than Sheldon Cooper is a 'little bit socially awkward'......more than dogs with white hairs should not sleep on navy couches......more than chocolate even.

Life in the Fun Lane
There may have been at least thirty other options than this kitchen but they all fit the bill of:

White cabinetry, polished wood floors, shiny cabinetry handles, heaps of storage, an island bench, subway tile and big industrial pendants, no overhead cabinets.  For mood boards, see here.

Not a big ask really.
Just find a builder, wait for builder to turn up, wait some more..............
Receive a quote...
Vow to stop buying Home Beautiful, make own bread and laundry detergent, casually drop in to parents  around dinner time and rewash zip lock bags to save $.

Decide on cabinetry, bench top and tiles and tapes and handles and sink and light fixtures.

Spend way to much time stalking Etsy for realy cute things to accesorise new kitchen.

Mmm, this should be easy.......she said.

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  1. well this is a great inpsiration photo, and i love your version of "nook." it's like "cozy". i have a make-do kitchen, and just posted about the open shelves we it's so much better. oh, kitchens!

    1. The inspiration to reality is hard/fun/frustrating but oh so worth it when it works out. Love your shelves!

  2. I love reading your blog... it give me a giggle and encouragement. I love the look of your little fixer-upper - SOOOO Aussie. Our house is a post war baby built in 1946 and is the proverbial rabbit warren of connected rooms and add ons and out spaces converted into rooms etc. it regularly features in my blogging. We are Queenslanders :) There are so few of us Aussies blogging in the home reno etc stages and I love finding another Aussie.

  3. It is such an Aussie house...I can picture it in pluggers and stubbies. It's small, a bit daggie but I love it. Off to check out your blog now, so nice to meet another Aussie blogger!

  4. Sarah! You had some vision girl! This looks amazing! I love the ca neutrals and thank goodness for a non-load bearing wall!


    1. The wall basically collapsed in knew it was wrong!


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