Monday, 20 August 2012

Home Country

Do you ever have days when you wish you lived somewhere else?

Somewhere different.



I had that feeling over the weekend.

I was frustrated by how far I lived from a 'big town'.

I wanted a weekend where I could buy a paper and a coffee at breakfast instead of waiting until 10am, to window shop, see a movie and be surrounded by strangers.  To see new things, people and ideas.

It sounds silly and selfish now but at the time...

I went for a long walk yesterday.

The sun was setting through the clouds, cockatoos flying to roost, the smell of Sunday mown lawn and the choof choof of sprinklers.

When I got home, my elderly neighbour had left a dozen baby blue chook eggs on the top step.

I smiled.

This is why I live here.

I may get frustrated and have a whinge from time to time but that is a choice. 

These photos where taken by myself and family.  I wanted to share a small glimpse of home.

Why I live where I love...

And mostly love it.

 Car grave yard.

 It's amazing where things grow.  Desert flowers on a sand dune.

 The sky after a sun shower.

 My neices entertaining themselves in the back of the toyota while mum and dad work.

 The daintiest white flower taking on wiry grass and cracked red soil.

A haybale xmas tree on the main road.  It lit up at night.

 The barest paddock I've ever seen fenced off.

 The most amazing colours.

Native flower with winged open pods.


  1. So different from where I live in Tasmania where its muddy and green!

    1. Tassie is just beautiful, hope your enjoying those cherries!


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