Thursday, 30 August 2012

Door Turned Table Top

Some of you may have noticed I'm a single gal, living on my own in the shack.
Yes, Sarah,I'm sure it is safe to announce this to the world...or the 14 followers of your blog.
The front door key is under the rock that looks like a rock but really isn't...
I could write an entire post about the joys of living on my own but today I will focus on a conundrum I have.
I've always wanted a timber dining table. 
Big enough to share meals and stories and memories at...
Small enough so as not to feel totally sad when dining on my own.
I wanted to make it from things I had at hand and have an opportunity to feel like a DIY superstar while firing up the drill and sander.
Let it be known I'm a timber snob...
I cannot handle pine, timber that's too dark or too light, too shiny, too perfect.  It can not be shabby to the point of disintegrating table napkins or crossed legs under a splintery table top. 
I do not want paint chips in my microwave macaroni cheese for one.

I may have found a few old timber doors at the dump.
The same dump I'm not allowed to take anything from unless I'm willing to incur a $1000 fine.
So technically this table is worth a mint...
The legs were salvaged from a deeply unattractive laminate table I bought on the cheap and desperate.
This door was salmon pink. 
It sounds lovely and natural and...naturey (is that a word?...)
In reality it was a shock to the eyeballs...
If you opened a tin of salmon that colour, you would  blanch...and make a cheese sandwich.

I broke out the paint stripper.  Scrapped off about five decades of colour...I'm guessing the 4th could have caused a few marital arguments...
Then sanded.
Repeated until smooth and my arms felt like they would fall off...
I love the pink hue that remains.  It's a super soft pastel colour that I don't normally like but mixed with the timber...lovely.
The legs were sprayed with a silver metal paint that I don't really like but couldn't be bothered to change...and screwed them onto the door/table top.
I hope you can appreciate the fact that I had to be a crazy blog lady and lay down on the floor to take this picture...
Cue much weird eye action from the pets....
I find it helps to image said pet like this when they give you the smug "you would never see me doing that" eye...
This piccie makes my day...(this is obviously not my dog...I don't own a brow pencil)
It makes me snort, giggle... and occasionally gives me disturbing thoughts when the dog wakes me from a deep afternoon sleep by getting too close and breathing on my face.

Back on topic...

Check your fine sanding handy work with the paper napkin test...

Never heard of it you say.

That's OK, I made it up.

If you can run a napkin over the wood grain and it doesn't shred or's done.

I cleaned off the dust with a vacuum and soft cloth then applied furniture wax.

I have never done this again...

On an up note, the table still beads spilt water...and I have a full tin of wax.

The dining room still needs a lot of work and 'styling'...(I hate this word) especially since it is visible from the lounge room and the kitchen/dining area is one open space since the wall between the two was knocked down for the kitchen reno.
The table faces three casement windows that are great for people watching over grilled chicken but not so good in the afternoons with the fast approaching summer sun.
I plan to buy a roller blind for the non standard 1950's windows but until then drop cloth curtains and sheers keep the glare down.

I don't do fancy table settings. 

The cat wouldn't appreciate them and they collect dust bunnies.

I also only have one chair while I decide on what I really want.

This could take approximately 15 hang tight.

I usually eat on the couch or at the kitchen island so again they have to be cheap but functional.  I do like the look of mismatched chairs so I'm keeping a look out.

My dining table isn't fancy or to everyone's taste but it fits my shack and makes me feel a smidge grown up...

Like every single gal over 30 should ;)

Update:  Yes eagle eyes, I took a photo of this table for my blog banner!

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  1. You certainly have a creative mind...
    I love how you left some of the blush color! I'm sure it looks amazing in 'real life' :)
    I'm not one for real fancy tables either and alot of foofy stuff. I also like mis-matched chairs and also plates :) great job!

  2. I love the word foof! And blush was the word I was searching could be my human thesaurus!

  3. Love your your blog even more...don't know why I haven't seen it before! Happy to be following you via GFC and looking forward to more!

  4. Great job. Polyurethane. Much easier than wax. Three coats. Light sand in between. Easy. I made my kitchen table out of a very old shed door.

  5. Found you @ FJI Saturday Nite Special. Love your table, but love your writing more. So much so, that I had to follow your blog! You did a fabulous job on your table, your drop cloth curtains and your blog header. Love it!

  6. I don't know which I like more - that fabulous table or the dog with the great eyebrows!!

  7. Sarah - the table is fabulous and I'm very jealous... but that dog!! Oh my lordy is that a picture of loveliness or what? You are moving mountains my dear; the shack is getting some great up dos... & maybe soon you can find out where the pup is hiding his eyebrow pencil.

    1. The dog is the star!!! I love that picture, it makes me smile (code for snort and giggle) every time I see it...probebly should remove it from my work screensaver!


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