Thursday, 16 August 2012

DIY organiser. Dare I say...for the pantry!

Have you ever made/produced/created something, stood back and

...blushed like a new bride?


Well I have...and not with pride and excitement at my DIY creativeness.

I have a fairly well balanced view my ideas vs reality.

Sometimes a gal has to admit that things looks a little........

Though not as much as the bird feeder made from a tin can, post topper and metal dowel...

A story for another day.  Lets just say I haven't had to top up the seed in two weeks.

I have scared the birds!  (Best said in a lusty French/German accent replacing t's for z's).

Now don't be nervous but this is one of those projects.

I like it.  It's useful.  But as an Aussie would's as rough as guts.

I know I made a vow not to show case my pantry or delve into the world of tutorials.

 But this is step one of how to make an organiser for a pantry ;)

It's also steps 1-5. 
I hate stopping and taking piccies

Basically you start by vowing to spend less money on things for the have three one shelf of your linen closet stuffed full of things so you can go house shopping when your sick of the vase/candle/cushion cover.

You visit the $2 store.

Ignore the dizzying array of candles, vases and two minute noodles.

Buy a cake rack and clip magnets for $7.

Wonder how that happened in a $2 store.

Either the till girl, who is still young enough to say awesome and get away with it, rang it up wrong...

or you finally get math and realise that $2 is just a way of saying cheap stuff you know you will buy and feel frugal  about even though you ended up spending $30 and had to put it on your card.


The magnets stick to the cake rack.

How cool is that.

Sad I don't get to fire up the glue gun.

Shop the house for sticky, hooky, hangy things.

Find velcro strips.

The coral prints haven't fallen off yet so feel brave, go ahead and use them even though they have to adhere to a grid pattern.

I stamped some paper tags with my headings, backed them with pretty paper, added plain note making paper, a pen attached/tied on with ribbon and extra magnets for...stuff.

You could use a spirit level to make sure it's straight.

I find squinting untill it looks right just as good.

I wanted my organiser to help me keep my pantry/fridge full of food I actually need instead of buying tinned tomatoes and paper towels every week when I really need milk, deodorant and cat food.

I need reminders.

I should probably put one of these in the bathroom and bedroom and car.

I'm a clipper/destroyer of papers and magazines for recipes I want to try.

Pinterest is great but sometimes it's really hard to find the original source. Pretty important when looking for recipes not just pretty pictures of lemon slice.

Left over spotty ribbon from a birthday.

From before I was over 30.

Fun, fun times.


Keeping it real with the smudgy finger prints. 

It's hard to be neat when the cat is walking all over your project looking for food helping you.

NB.  A minor detail but it's really important to check that you can still close your pantry door after sticking this on.  Just saying. 

Otherwise you may have to curse terrible, terrible words, remove it, find more velcro strips and re stick.

Has it helped me become more organised?

After I consume my $2 two minute noodles I will let you know.

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  1. Love it! Also love your directions, much better read than a lot of tuts out there! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great idea. Can't wait to try it! You're very clever! :)

  3. Looks great! Thanks for sharing at the All Star Block Party.


  4. I never would have thought of this but it's excellent!! Way to think outside the box!

    Jeannine @ The Concrete Cottage

  5. Great idea! I am pinning this to my organization project board. Thank you for sharing.

    Kelly @ Our Everyday Harvest

    1. Thank you ladies, and good news, it's still hanging. Totally trusting velcro strips now ;)

  6. Great idea! Anything organizational and I am hooked… I am visiting from the Country Momma Cooks link up :)

    Have a wonderful weekend! ~ JES

    1. I've had a wonderful paint covered weekend, bring on Monday! :)

  7. Visiting from Country Momma Cooks...Love your sense of humor! And I LOVE the saying, "it's as rough as guts"! I might have to start saying that. :)
    Great organizer!

    1. It's a great saying, it applies to a lot of things around here!

  8. Saw this from Country Momma Cooks this is a great idea!!

  9. Love it! Especially the stamped tags.

  10. Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing at my party! Excited to see what you share this week (Saturday at 7pm). XO, Aimee

  11. What an awesome idea!!!!! I love creative ideas like this, this looks great AND it's practical! Love it!

  12. Great idea! Thanks for linking up!


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