Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Bar Stool Update

I'm still recovering from the horror that was the store room...

I may need another little nap on the couch before I finish the sucker off.

While I had the paint out...
  • no, I didn't finish off the bathroom ceiling.
  • That would have required drop cloth.
I did tackle the shabby chair/stool situation...

Well one....of five.
Please excuse the creepy white rock in the background....it came with the shack...and is too heavy to lift and remove!
These beauties where located outside The Shed (a final resting place for all that will eventually grace my home).

For them to be outside, meant one thing...

...even dad though they were fug...and mum was inching them closer to the tip pile.

Um hello, daaaaaaarling, their gooooooorgous!  Please google Jeanie Little to get this ;)

In a faded, chippy, rusty, tetanus kinda way.

I popped the boot and stole them away.

The stool on the left called to me.

"Sarah, I will yield most gracefully under your sander and paintbrush and become a thing of near beauty.....I won't repeat your swear words...pick me"

The fact that it already had handy little holes ready for seat attachment meant nothing.

I shall spare you the gory details, lets just say I sanded, questioned weather I should use a respirator...

Lead paint..........do your worst...

and broke out the industrial strength hand wash.

Three coats of Antique White low gloss later...

And about an hour of re sanding/repainting where the newspaper had stuck to the feet.

Note to self, don't paint on a windy day with flappy stuff as your drop cloth.

I don't know why it's on the table either.

Now the fun part.

How to make a seat...for my seat...

Without using a jigsaw, foam and a nail gun.

Though I really, really, really want to use the jigsaw, unsupervised...

I shopped the house.

And found a small unused wooden chopping board.

I don't know why I bought it, it's too small to prepare anything on.  Perhaps it was a dieting phase. 

Though going on surface area x how high you can stack things...that still equals a lot of chocolate.  And who can't stack chocolate.

I drilled four holes.

Didn't break a drill bit......and had the right size screws to attach it to the base.

High fives for me!

Of course when one rehabs a stool you would think it would be for sitting on...

...or a succulent stand beside the upcycled dump find table.

I love all the white and timber.

I think I like it better as a little side table.  It holds a cup of coffee and plate of toast nicely.

Every single girls best friend on a Sunday night...

It's certainly not gooooorgous...but a bit better than fug.

And yes, I have sat on it and my butt didn't fall to sleep (code for comfy).

Total cost $0.........woo hoo!

I'm defiantly up for colour dipped legs though.  There is a can of yellow spray paint with this stools name on it. 

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  1. That turned out really really cute! Well done!

  2. um, whoa, those were some befores! this is an amazing after! great job!

  3. Love the idea of using a cutting board on a stool base. So clever!


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