Friday, 27 July 2012

Word art, with a little help

Looks good ha! 
You know when you stumble across something across the web that makes you go ohhhhh, arhhhhhhhh, me likey, me will use....
Well this is it.  Forget PicMonkey for just a few hours and go to town with Tagxedo.

I'm sorry for those who are truly talented at graphic design and can create this on their own because this does feel like cheating.
Marvellous cheating for the marginally talented......
And have I said, I likey this a lot.
In less than half an hour, these are the beauties I created.
This may be because I have little imagination or I am more talented than I give myself credit for....paper, scissors, rock you for it.

Crunchy apples for the kitchen.

Aw, I love you.

Big fat rain drops make me happy

Now I'm not big one for tutorials and lucky day because Tagxedo is super easy to use.

The really fun parts, apart from the end product, are:
  • you can add text from tweets, your blog, URL's or add your own
  • there are heaps of shapes to choose from
  • you can create your own colour scheme or use the great ones already available
  • the word/layout options let you place words together, remove common words like I, and, and change the tightness, word count ect, ect.
  • and feel like a talented super star.

Oh just go and look already.  I would love to see some of your creations, please don't put me to shame too much...

For more DIY art ideas, see here and here.

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  1. Thanks so much for this info and link...I'm so excited! Never knew such a thing existed! Your stuff, by the way, looks terrific, no question you have talent!LOL


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