Thursday, 26 July 2012

The end of winter, house cleaning and finding stuff

I feel that Winter is coming to an end.

Ok, intellectually speaking I also know that it's ending, it's not like I had to consult Google to remind me in which months the seasons start and finish...

I may not have fully grasped the month rhyme either.  If you too struggle with jaunty rhymes from your childhood here is a friendly reminder.  If you don't need one, well, I'm so pleased.

Spring will be here, warmer weather, longer days, time to crawl out from hibernation.

Time to open up the windows and blow the cobwebs from the curtains...and dust bunnies from under the coffee table, bed, couches and the weird black fluff that only accumulates on ceiling fans. 

I would love to say I'm a constant cleaner.

Utilising a handy excel spread sheet, detailing daily, weekly, monthly and bi-annual jobs that must be done.....printed in a beatific hand drawn font in coral and teal and hung in a prominent position because it's such a work of art.

Wiping surfaces with lemon scented polish with white linen cloth while listening to upbeat and funky tunes...maybe even singing along a little...maybe even freaking out the dog and dancing a little.

Lighting vanilla and almond soy flame less candles.

Nope, that's not how it's done around here.

My cleaning frenzy started off as it usually does.

I woke from slumber and though "today is the day I will change my bedroom around..and it will look like this".

I do not own a cloche or linen linen but anyhow.

One thing led to another.

I moved six other items of furniture, blanching at the amount of dust bunnies, fur balls and Easter egg wrappers... behind the bed and wrestled the ensemble into position.

Stood back and waited to have a moment.

It took twice as long and as was no where near as satisfying moving it all back to its rightful place, post vacuuming and defluffing and binning the shameful evidance of eating chocolate in bed.

Well I couldn't stop there.

I wish I had.

Three hours and a full vacuum canister later, the floors where shiny, surfaces dusted, bins empty, light bulbs sprayed with Eucalyptus spray (really! I know, I was shocked too) and the spare room still looked dreadful but clean.

And the stuff i found.  I didn't even know I had three staplers or
a pack of canasta cards
my old computer....and a mouse...and most disturbingly, a printer!
a half made light instillation project made with pegs
a 3/4 made light instillation project made with pegs
8 books I haven't read yet and 3 I have no intention of ever reading
6 post it note pads I may have borrowed from work that haven't gone through the wash yet
tapes as in cassettes...The 90's called and asked for them back.

My house does feel better for the clean though.

It told me...and thanked me.

It was a bit weird.

Now I have no excuse not to tackle some weekend projects.  I desperately need curtains in the dining room.  The sewing machine will need did I miss that...and the instruction book will be out.  I have made elastic shorts before so I'm sure curtains will be easy peasy....she said.

1.  The Lettered Cottage  2.  Being Brook

I'm loving the curtains and blinds used at The Lettered Cottage.  Once my kitchen is finally finished matchstick blinds will go up to tone down all the white.  I'm making the curtains from drop cloth I have, it's cheap, features heavily as the done thing on Pinterest and blogs wears well and has the heavy look I'm after.

Hopefully I will have piccies to share soon...ish.

Olympics in one sleep!! Aussie Aussie Aussie


  1. Hey lady! Thanks for stopping in at my blog earlier to comment on my cow picture (which had me laughing, hehe). I wanted you to know that your blogger account is set to "noreply" so that no one can respond via email to your comments. It's fixable if you want it fixed :)

    1. Thank you for letting me know, have had a good look and ? how to change this.

  2. You are so funny! I'm so glad your house felt like having a conversation! Hope you have a blessed and wonderful day!


    PS Thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog :)

    1. Thanks for dropping by! Hope you have a lovely weekend in your part of the world

  3. I'm sure your house did feel so much better - LOL!! i know I feel better when mine is clean - which isn't as often as i'd like!

    1. Thanks for dropping by, have a lovely weekend, and don't touch the vacuum :)


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