Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Lists to get me going

I have a confession to make.

It may be shocking.

It may very well not.

I may just like leaving a gap between sentences...

Followed by ..............., it may just be my new thing, though I'm not sure what old thing it would be replacing.

Time to ponder and look thoughtful....

Mm even I'm beginning to wonder where this is going.

Confession time, oh right, that.

I'm on the wrong side of 30 (Only by a weeny bit, a smidge, a dash, a teeny itty itty bit.) and I'm really lacking in motivation.

It's not like I'm having a midlife crisis or anything rehashing how I spent my 20's chasing a career I love but not enough to feel creatively fulfilled and now am totally addicted to Pinterest  and blogs and other peoples creativity and houses instead of actually having a life and wishing my house wasn't full of unhung mirrors and blinds and unpainted chairs and I didn't have a 1000 ideas running around in my very small brain instead of doing then totally hating on myself for not getting off my butt and doing it! 

Totally not having a crisis.

Quick edit of above word salad indicates that use of totally, hating on, creatively fulfilled and butt may very indicate that is not true.

I was talking to a friend the other day about this.  I did pause for breath and use verbal punctuation and appeared to be totally normal.

She said, "write of list of things you want to do".
I said, "A list,how will that help"
She said, "it helps you decide what you want to do and it's a great reminder, you could put it on the fridge"
I said, "what a good idea, does this work for you?"
She said, "I've never written a list in my life but I've heard it's a good idea".
I smiled.

Then I thought, pondered, googled and perused the big P.

I'm not a list maker, well I am but I'm usually picking them off my freshly hung laundry and cursing way word post it notes, especially pink ones in white shirt pockets where the stain never really comes out.  I even have a special laundry bin for junk retrieved from pockets before washing, its full of drier lint and 5 cent coins and hair bands...no post it notes.  Mm

I have decided I will try The List. 

Capitals make it look more important, therefore more likely I will take it seriously, maybe even give it it's own tab.

I will start the list...tomorrow....ah yes tomorrow my friend.
I will look at the list at least once a week.
I will do more than look at it.
I        will            do                it!

And if not, I may just totally forget all about this post.

Do you have lists and how do you get the motivation to do it whatever it is for you?

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