Monday, 30 July 2012

Chunky butter knife art

I'm not an artist...I'm a Pisces.

I'm also not into astrology but the connection needs to be made.

Pisces are supposed to be passive, introverted, imaginative, sensitive and all into feelings.....and stuff.

Oh and vague with terrible feet, this much is true.

I can spend weeks...months...planning how I want something to look and how I'm going to do it. 

Yet I can read a book in a day, mm go figure.

Well I said earlier  I was going to get my butt into gear and be a doer, not just a yearner and a pinner.

That's a lot of er's......

Bower Power is one of my favourite blogs.  Super funny, openly admits to snorting and heaps of fun ideas that seem doable in real life. This knife art really appealed to me and my limited artistic abilities.

One knife, one canvas and paint I could wash off my hands, clothes, outdoor setting...

Even I couldn't mess that up.

I squirted five colours on an ice cream lid, grabbed a wide butter knife, layered up and scraped it down the canvas in about 2cm lengths.  I may have loaded up a bit too much paint but now I love the ridges and the texture....

Ok it's chunky...chunky is good.

There is almost a diesel blue, metallic look in some lights. 

It looks very blue and green here but changes depending on the light.  It reminds me of peacock feathers.  The wrinkle in my lamp reminds me of a fun time when the cat was bored.

It makes me happy, I like it.  I have a thing for DIY art.

I'm off to scrub the little paint smudges that stubbornly persist on my kitchen sink.
Don't judge me...I've sensitive.

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I heart naptime
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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Jill, easy and fun, why not

  2. Looks that on a tile??

    1. Thanks! It's on a small canvas from the $2 store.

  3. Fun idea! Thank you so much for linking up to our party!! :)

    1. It was heaps of fun, thanks for hosting!

  4. ohh that looks great. Does it have a specific destination?

    1. Well for now the lounge room but I move things around 5 times a week so who knows.....

  5. I love painterly art where you can see chunks of paint! This is truly gorgeous and does remind me of fish scales or peacocks!

    So glad you showed off your skills at our Color party. Pinning this!

    1. Chunks are good! I didn't think of fish scales but yea I see it now

  6. What a great piece of art you created! I love the peacock look too ...

    Thank you so much for sharing at our Crazy for Color link party!



  7. Your fab art is featured at the Crazy for Color party!


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