Monday, 16 July 2012

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Welcome to 20 State!

I live in a small Australian country town about 8 hours drive from the nearest City.

I'm thankful for wide open spaces, vast blue skies, clean air, knowing the neighbours and even though I'm too scaredy cat of the dark, I could safely leave my door unlocked at night.

My total daily travel time to work is 5 minutes, 10 if I walk; which of course I do, alllll the time. cough cough

There are daily flights to the city, decent coffee, great local shops. In terms of day to day living, I really don’t want for much.

I'm a realist though, and even though I love living where I live, you certainly have to be creative and resourceful. You can't just pop down town to check out new home wears, pick up bargains at Target or um and arr over too many tile samples.

I knew when I bought my house that I would have to rely on the Internet, catalogues and trips away for inspiration, supplemented by what the local stores had to offer.

Then I discovered blogs..........

Home renovation, decoration, explanation, exclamation and exacerbation, all at my finger tips. Oh yes and a little thing called Pinterest.

This blog is a way for me to try and lessen the load on my friends and family who are becoming less patient as time goes on. They don't even try and pretend to hide the eye rolls or stop reading the catalogues to hear my ever changing, indecisive, excited home decorating ideas and plans.

The idea of this blog is to bring all my ideas and plans and jot them down in one place. To share, and learn, as I go.

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